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Media Release - Labor's Education Falsehoods - 21 June 2013


The Gillard Government is running a monumentally dishonest campaign on education, promising rivers of gold flowing to schools in six years and three federal elections’ time. But at the same time it won’t release how much schools will receive over the next three years.

Labor’s promises of money over the far horizon are about as believable as their solemn pledge of a budget surplus or “there will be no carbon tax under the government I lead.” And the reason Labor won’t say how much schools will receive in the next three years is because many schools would have their funding reduced.

Modelling released by the Victorian State Government based on the data provided by the Federal Government shows 249 government schools would receive less funding. In our local area, these schools include:-

· Healesville High School

· Sherbrooke Community School

· Croydon Community School

· Don Valley Primary School

· Millwarra Primary School

· Hoddles Creek Primary School

· Yellingbo Primary School

· Gruyere Primary School

· Olinda Primary School

· Mount Evelyn Special Developmental School

· Croydon Special Developmental School

Under Labor this can only lead to fewer resources, increased fees or both for many schools. It’s also likely there will be many local non-government schools that would lose out under Labor’s plan.

A future Coalition Government will build a better education future in the Yarra Valley. Firstly, no school will have its funding reduced because the existing system will deliver more money to all schools over the next four years, a fact confirmed by the Budget papers. Secondly, we will, if elected, focus on the four pillars that are proven to lift student outcomes:

- improving teacher quality;

- boosting principal and school autonomy;

- reaching out and engaging parents in their child’s education; and

- ensuring children are being taught a robust curriculum.

Over the last six years under Federal Labor, student outcomes have declined, despite promises of an education revolution back in 2007. Parents and students deserve better than Labor’s latest false promise which like so many promises of the past, is just waiting to be broken if they are re-elected.

21 June 2013

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