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The Turnbull Government will establish a national centre to combat the exploitation and abuse of children and vulnerable people. The Government will provide funding in the 2018-19 Budget to enable a new national effort to combat a global epidemic of child abuse.
The Turnbull Government is continuing to build on record levels of investment in mental health services with an additional $110 million to extend and expand mental health programs for young Australians. Around four million Australians experience a mental health condition every year. And people of all ages can be affected – either directly themselves or because someone close to them might be suffering. Even young children can be deeply affected
New data shows Australians are holidaying at home in record numbers. The National Visitor Survey (NVS), released in December 2017, reveals overnight trips by Australians grew by seven per cent to a record 96 million and the number of nights they stayed grew by six per cent to a record 347 million during the year ending September 2017
Labour force figures released in December 2017 by the ABS show the number of jobs in Australia has increased for the 14th straight month – the longest consecutive run of jobs growth since 1994.
The Subclass 457 Visa for foreign workers will be abolished and replaced with a new temporary visa restricted to critical skills shortages.

Small business tax cuts

Tuesday, 2 May 2017
As promised, the Turnbull Government has successfully delivered the first phase of much-needed tax cuts for small and medium businesses. The tax cuts will give businesses the confidence to invest more, employ more staff and pay higher wages.
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