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Labor’s East West threat to sovereign risk WHILE he tried to sugar-coat it, former Labor minister Theo Theophanous sent as clear a message as he could to the Andrews Government on the East West Link on this page recently. It wasn’t a complicated decode.
Remembering Aboriginal service in the Great War, one century on ONE hundred years ago this week, about 40,000 Anzacs disembarked from their troop ships in Alexandria, Egypt. The Anzac armada had departed a month earlier from Albany, Western Aus­tralia, for the journey to the Great War. As we relive the history of this arrival and all that followed there is much we know well, but some not nearly well enough.
Why the pencil still rules at our voting booths WHILE our voting system has changed and evolved over the years, one thing has remained a constant. We still vote with a pencil on a paper ballot that is then manually counted As Victorians lined up at polling booths last Saturday, it would have been natural for many of them to wonder why they couldn’t do their democratic duty on a voting machine or even on the internet. Indeed, some democracies have moved to a form of electronic voting. The US has electronic voting machines in many states and Estonia offers electronic voting over the internet.
IN sport, a handicap operates to level a race and produce a closer result. In the Melbourne Cup the best horses have weights added to their saddles. In the Stawell Gift there’s a staggered starting line, with the best sprinters forced to run up to 10m further. But while deliberately handicapping a sporting contest may have merit, deliberately handicapping our most innovative and enterprising businesses in their race against the rest of the world would be sheer ­madness.
JOINT STANDING COMMITTEE ON ELECTORAL MATTERS MEDIA RELEASE Electoral Matters Committee to continue investigation into lost WA Senate ballots Issued: 4 March 2014 Chair: Hon Tony Smith MP The Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters will continue its investigation into the issue of the lost WA Senate ballots in a public hearing tomorrow morning with the investigating officer in the Australian Electoral Commission’s inquiry into the matter, Mr Mick Keelty AO. "The loss of 1370 ballots which has resulted in an unprecedented re-run of the WA Senate election is, as the AEC has conceded, its greatest electoral failure. That is why the Committee considers it has a duty to continue its inquiry in a manner that doesn’t interfere with the election campaign within Western Australia" said Committee Chair, Tony Smith MP. "Mr Keelty has made a series of wide-ranging recommendations for the AEC and for this Committee to address," Mr…
Employee share ownership crucial to innovation In budgetary terms, Joe Hockey has rightly declared the end to the age of entitlement and the beginning of the age of personal responsibility. In broader economic terms, we are also seeing the end of another age - the sun is setting on the age of economic intervention. Now the focus must be about bringing on the dawn of a new age of enterprise and innovation. That is why the government is right to say no to bad policies that are blocking or constraining the path. These include the caustic carbon tax, ever-escalating debt and repressive red tape. Removing these weights and barriers will help to liberate the economy, drive growth and create more jobs in the industries with a bright future instead of looking back at a nostalgic past. But if we are to move to the age of enterprise and innovation, as…
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