Statement from Tony Smith MP

Wednesday, 25 November 2009
 STATEMENTI have this evening advised the Leader of the Opposition, the Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP, that I cannot vote for Labor’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.Accordingly, I have resigned my position as a Shadow Minister.Finalising Emissions Trading Scheme legislation before knowing what action the rest of the world is taking will damage our economy and do nothing to reduce global emissions.
When my parents brought an empty block of land in Box Hill North in the 1950s, my grandfather nearly cried – shocked his daughter would choose to live so far from the city.When Mum’s sister and new husband also brought a block nearby, he wondered what the heck he’d done wrong.Mum would often laugh about my late grandfather’s reaction, “I’ll never forget that look on his face” she’d say. Of course, I never did see ‘the look’ at the time, but I’m sure I saw a carbon copy of it on Mum’s face a few years ago when I told her my wife Pam and I were moving to Chirnside Park.
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