Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Speech in Parliament - School Leaders - 26 March 2014

Mr TONY SMITH (Casey) (13:38): On Friday morning, 14 March, I had the pleasure of attending the school assembly at The Patch Primary School in the electorate of Casey at the invitation of Principal Debra Herrmann. I was there to present certificates to their school leadership group and to see firsthand the great work that the school is doing. I also had the pleasure of presenting an Australian flag, an Aboriginal flag and a Torres Strait Islander flag to the school. I was pleased to see how seriously they take study of the history of all three flags. I particularly want to mention the flag monitors for the school, who have an important responsibility and are, obviously, doing a great job. They are Tameika Butler, Nyssa Walton, Ebony Huidobro, Alex Morrison, Indigo Sangster, Sophie Lee-Wren, Lily Margerison, Ashley Britton and Yasmin Page.

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