Tuesday, 2 May 2017

ANZAC DAY by Rhianna Gray 5MF

ANZAC DAY by Rhianna Gray 5MF

Anzac day means to me a special day to be free.

I see the marching Anzacs go by

I wonder what is going on inside their heads.

Remembering mates they thought they would see forever

To be gone to see no longer!

To see at dinner my Nan’s twinkling eyes on Anzac Day,

I know she is remembering her father surviving World War 2.

On the 25th of April 1915 the days sadly grow dark.

To think of never to see a loved one again

Makes me feel sad for all those who have lost someone special to them and their family.

As we lay a wreath to show respect with the one minute of silence I think of my great grandfather and all his mates.

I admire the courage of all the soldiers that sailed away in big warships

That were lost at battle and never to be seen again.

Soldiers lost in Flanders Fields but in my heart they are never to be lost as long as I remember them.

They strived for their best but some were left as the poppies filled the battle fields with thousands of crosses in of rows.

At the cemeteries I look up to the stars.

I think about the horrible trenches I would never survive.

Courage, hope and bravery are only a very few words I can use to describe the great soldiers that fought in the war.

I wish all the soldiers were here with me now so I could thank them for their bravery.

Anzac day is important to me. To wear a poppy to show my love and respect to those who fell at Gallipoli.

The rising sun badge is very precious and shows me when they came to Gallipoli and then the war began

Anzac Day to me means showing respect for those who fought for me!

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