Thursday, 23 April 2020

Mail Newspaper Column - We're all in this together for the duration - 21 April 2020

On Wednesday 8th of April, the House of Representatives sat for the second time since the Coronavirus has changed so much about our lives, community and nation.

On each occasion we had fewer Members attending in order to meet the distancing requirements.

The vital business was to legislate the Federal Government’s initiatives that will deliver record levels of spending to support millions of Australians.

We have seen some heartbreaking stories of families losing loved ones here, as we have watched with horror, the destructive power of the virus in other nations; reminding us what we are all trying to avoid, and why we need to keep doing what we have been doing.

Our National Cabinet comprising the Prime Minister, State Premiers and Territory Chief Ministers has been working extremely well.

Our health officials and those on the medical frontline have been exceptional, as have other workers in vital areas.

At the time of writing, it is clear the health strategy and the tough measures are working. The number of new cases each day is falling in line with the public’s adoption of virus avoidance measures we now all know.

For so many individuals, families and business owners, this is a time of shock and great difficulty. That’s why the Federal and Victorian Governments acted swiftly and in unison with a range of initiatives and payments to assist people until life returns to something more approximating ‘normal’.

As always, my office is there to assist those of you navigating the many programmes and assistance measures. Don’t hesitate to call or email and we’ll do everything we can to help provide the information you need.

Equally, your local State Members of Parliament and the Yarra Ranges Council can assist on matters for which they are responsible.

Clearly, the sooner we get on top of the health crisis, the sooner we can work on the restoration of our economy. “We are all in this together”, is a phrase that is often used, but on this occasion, it is true at every level: family, community, nation, and internationally.

I wish you and your family all-the-best. Remember, by working together and doing the right thing, you will stop infections and help save lives.

I would normally see a great many of you on Anzac Day, but whilst we can’t meet at services this year, we can still take the time to pause, reflect and remember those who have served our nation.

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