Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Media Release - Coalition Pledge to Fund Upgrade of METEC Driver Training Centre - 20 August 2013

A Coalition Government will deliver a grant of $100,000 to the Metropolitan Traffic Education Centre (METEC), a not-for-profit organisation that specializes in driver training. METEC is committed to reducing the road toll, particularly amongst younger drivers, through its closed road training and education facility.

For over 40 years METEC has provided a safe environment for driver training. Built on 10 hectares of land in Bayswater North, the centre has 4km of private roads, including all the usual traffic features such as intersections, traffic lights and roundabouts to provide an ideal learner training facility.

This Coalition funding will allow the expansion of the car control area (skid pan) to provide better training for younger drivers on how to respond when they lose control of their vehicle and helped them avoid a crash.

Over the years METEC has saved countless lives by training many thousands of young people to drive more safely. I have worked with and supported the Centre for many years because safe driver training is vital, particularly in our area, where young drivers are facing a range of hazardous road conditions.

Neill Sheldon from METEC welcomed the announcement, saying:

“Tony has been a great supporter of METEC over the years, and has seen first-hand the work we do with young people and schools from right across the outer-east and Yarra Valley. If the Coalition is elected, this commitment will make a big difference.”

This important local project is part of the Coalition’s Real Solutions Plan to build a stronger Australia and a better future – for all Australians.

20 August 2013

Media Contact: Ted Lapkin – mobile 0411 22 1392

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