Thursday, 22 August 2013

Media Release - Coalition allocates $500,000 for new sports pavilion at Don Road Sporting Complex, Healesville - 22 August 2013

A Coalition Government will contribute $500,000 towards the construction of a new sports pavilion at the Don Road Sporting Complex.

If the Coalition is elected, this $500,000 contribution will see the Council prioritise this project in its sporting infrastructure budget.

The plan for this new pavilion includes team change rooms, a first aid room, a canteen as well as meeting and storage space. This facility will be able to accommodate over 160 soccer players and 40 netballers. While intended primarily for soccer and netball, the facility can also be used to accommodate Australian rules football matches if the need arises.

This investment in local sport is also an investment in Healesville’s youth and the broader Healesville community. This is an important community project that will address the chronic shortage of sporting infrastructure in the Healesville area, with a particular focus on the needs of participants in female sports.

The Don Road Sporting Complex is more than just a sporting venue. It is already recognised as a major community hub for Healesville that hosts many local events for the benefit of the whole community.

An incoming Coalition Government will provide this $500,000 contribution to the Yarra Ranges Council, to partner with them to deliver this $1.2 million project.

This important local project is part of the Coalition’s Real Solutions Plan to build a stronger Australia and a better future – for all Australians.

22 August 2013

Media Contact: Ted Lapkin – mobile 0411 22 1392

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