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A Coalition Government will make our streets safer by funding a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) security camera network in Healesville. The $100,000 in funding announced today will allow the installation of at least 10 CCTV cameras that would be monitored by local police. This system will enable police both to monitor events in real time and review recorded footage. In other communities within the Yarra Valley region, CCTV security cameras have caused crime and anti-social behaviour to decline by up to 70%. This commitment is part of the Coalition’s Safer Streets Communities Grants program, which if the Coalition is elected, will make our streets safer by providing $50 million over four years to tackle local crime hotspots around Australia.
A Coalition Government will include Monbulk in a select group of local communities to benefit from the first stage of its Green Army initiative. This represents just one chapter in the Coalition’s commitment to build a 15,000-person strong Green Army that will conduct environmental work throughout Australia. A Coalition Government will begin deployment of 250 Green Army teams throughout Australia in July 2014. By 2018-19 the number of Green Army projects nationwide will increase to 1,500. The Monbulk Landscape Protection Program will be one of those 250 first wave Green Army projects.
If elected, a Coalition Government will provide $15,000 to the Yarra Ranges Council towards the cost of constructing shelters and resurfacing at the Monbulk Reserve Netball Courts. This funding package would see the Council prioritise this project in its sporting infrastructure budget by providing an additional $15,000 to complete the $30,000 project. This funding for an important local sporting facility is an investment, not only in our young people, but in the broader Monbulk community. An incoming Coalition Government will provide this $15,000 contribution to the Yarra Ranges Council, which will manage this project in conjunction with the local club.
Joint Media Release TONY SMITH MP - Federal Member For Casey & BRUCE BILLSON MP - Shadow Minister For Small Business, Competition Policy and Consumer Affairs ONLY A FEDERAL COALITION GOVERNMENT WILL FUND YARRA VALLEY RAILWAY IN-FULL AND ON-TIME If elected, the Coalition will deliver $3.56 million in federal funding for the restoration of Yarra Valley Railway. Under a Coalition government this project will be completed in 2016, in full and on time. This commitment comes in the wake of yet another broken promise by the Rudd/Gillard Government. On 7 June 2013, Federal Labor Minister for Regional Australia, Catherine King, visited the historic Yarra Glen railway station to announce funding for the Yarra Valley Railway. But Ms King failed to ensure that the formal authorisation for this funding was finalised before the 2013 election was called and the caretaker conventions prevented the signing of any new government contracts.
An incoming Coalition Government will contribute $45,000 towards the construction of netball change facilities at the Mt Evelyn Football/Netball Club. Together with the $41,000 from the Yarra Ranges Council, this will enable the project to proceed next year. Netballers suffer from a chronic lack of facilities. I am well aware that this is a problem across our region. This is a big step for one club, which has worked very hard to develop an innovative plan to reduce construction costs by utilizing the Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE who will build the facility as an educational project.
A Coalition Government will make our streets safer by funding the upgrade and extension of the existing Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) security camera network in Lilydale. The $100,000 in funding announced today will allow the conversion of the current analogue system to digital and enable the installation of at least 8 new CCTV cameras. The best way to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour is to prevent it occurring in the first place. And the existing security camera network that was first established by the Howard Government has made Lilydale a safer place.
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