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LABOR’S EDUCATION FALSEHOODS The Gillard Government is running a monumentally dishonest campaign on education, promising rivers of gold flowing to schools in six years and three federal elections’ time. But at the same time it won’t release how much schools will receive over the next three years. Labor’s promises of money over the far horizon are about as believable as their solemn pledge of a budget surplus or “there will be no carbon tax under the government I lead.” And the reason Labor won’t say how much schools will receive in the next three years is because many schools would have their funding reduced.
The ANZAC Centenary Local Grants Program will provide funding of up to $100,000 to each Federal Electorate to help local communities commemorate the Centenary of ANZAC. Each Member of the House of Representatives is appointing a local ANZAC Centenary Communities Committee to call for, and assess, applications for suitable projects and events in their electorate. I am pleased to announce the appointment of a Casey Electorate Committee composed of ten outstanding local residents with a proven track record of community contribution. Mr Ray Yates, the Principal of Monbulk Primary School will Chair the Committee. Mr Yates has strongly promoted the stories of Monbulk’s ANZACs in the community, as well as contributing to numerous community organisations. He was also a Councillor and Mayor of the Shire of Lillydale. He will be joined by: Brigadier (retired) Michael Phelps, AM, a recently retired senior member of the Australian Army now residing in Lilydale;…
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