Monday, 6 October 2014

Speech in Parliament - Ormond College:Pitch Project - 22 September 2014

Mr TONY SMITH (Casey) (16:02): Last month I had the privilege of judging the Pitch Project at Ormond College at the University of Melbourne. This was a judging competition between two groups of students who had put together a community-based proposal to assist with youth unemployment. Each of the projects was pitched as a program that could be run in each of our electorates to help provide job opportunities for young Australians. Both projects had been worked on extensively by the groups of students, who worked as teams. Then, as the title of the project suggests, they pitched them to me as the judge. I want to commend all of the students for the hard work that they did: in the first team, Jack Armstrong, Lee Ellison, Stephanie Priestley, Hugh Matthews and Ned Balderstone; and in the second team, Isabella Borshoff, Oscar Shaw, Saskia Holloway and Huw Hutchison. It was the second team that was successful, but can I say that both were of a very high standard and I commend them and Ormond College for conducting the project.

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